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Porter’s Paints – Preparation and Protection

Using poor quality tools or incorrect techniques can result in a lot of wasted time, frustration and extra costs. Porter’s range of preparation and protection products helps you ensure the job will look better and last longer. For Preparation; undercoats, primers and pre-treatments, and for Protection; clear sealers and waxes. PORTER’S ALL PURPOSE CLEAR SEALER […]

Porter’s Paints: Instant Rust Clear Sealer

Porter’s Paints: Instant Rust Clear Sealer Hi everyone, today I’m writing about Porter’s Instant Rust Clear Sealer. I’ve just done a panel with the Liquid Iron and Instant Rust. I’ve gotten to the point where it looks really awesome. However, these panels are going outside, and if it rains on them, the rust will runoff and stain whatever’s beneath it. To […]

Porter’s Paints – Preparation & Protection

Preparation & Protection Get the job right from start to finish. For Preparation: undercoats, primers and pre-treatments, and for Protection: clear sealers and waxes. All Purpose Clear Sealer Porter’s All Purpose Clear Sealer is an interior use sealer that is suitable for floors, walls and furniture and is the only clear sealer recommended as a […]

Porter’s Paints Speciality Finishes – Inspirational and Innovative Products

Speciality Finishes Porter’s Paints has a wide range of speciality finishes including; Liquid Iron, French Wash, Duchess Satin, Fresco and more — these are inspirational and innovative products that make Porter’s Paints the market leader in speciality paint finishes. Aqua Enamels Porter’s Aqua Enamel is a water based acrylic enamel, available in a super shiny […]

Porter’s Paints Naturals – Natural and Historic Paints

Porter’s Paints Naturals These naturals and historic paints are made by traditional methods using original formulations, which creates beautiful finishes and textures, without sacrificing durability. Porter’s Paints Ireland is the sole distributor of Porter’s Paints in the UK and Ireland, so if this is what you are looking for, you have come to the right […]

Porter’s Paints Premium Acrylics

Porter’s Premium Acrylics We have put together some added information about our Premium Acrylics for you to see. Porter’s Premium Acrylics are easy to use interior and exterior water based acrylics with no spatter formulations, UV and dirt resistant, no odours or fumes and have different sheen levels to suit all applications. Ultra Flat Porter’s […]

Porter’s Paints Liquid Copper & Patina Green

Porter’s Paints Liquid Copper & Patina Green Hello Everyone! Welcome to Porter’s Paints How-To Series on Liquid Copper and Patina Green. My name is Carl. And today, I’m going to be showing you how to use Liquid Copper and Patina Green. This is a boutique finish. It’s a copper finish, there’s real copper in it. […]

Welcome to Porter’s Paints at Porter’s Paints Ireland

Porter’s Paints at Porter’s Paints Ireland Porter’s Paints Ireland are the European distributor for one of the world’s most exciting interior brands, Porter’s Paints. Australian owned and made, Porter’s Paint’s has been creating paints, wallpapers and finishes of extraordinary depth and colour for over 30 years and have grown to become the market leader in […]