AquaGILD Exterior Gold

An advanced standard in exterior gold finishes, Porter’s AquaGILD® Exterior Gold creates a brilliant gold finish that is designed for use in architecture and landscape projects.

AquaGILD® has endless applications combining creativity with versatility and functionality.

An ideal solution for both commercial and multi-residential projects, AquaGILD® offers architects, designers and clients a contemporary aesthetic with durability and performance.

The gold pigment in AquaGILD® is automotive grade, based on synthetically produced glass, which creates a glittering sparkle and brilliant optical characteristics, especially when compared to conventional pearlescent pigments. The glass based pigment in AquaGILD® is tarnish resistant and offers other functional advantages such as excellent weather and humidity resistance.

Now also available in silver.


Additional information

Product Specifications & Safety

For more detailed information about this product, please consult the main Porter's Paints website.

Our Product Specifications include:

Environmental information
Suitable locations and suggested use
Preparation, application and coverage rates
Warranty and safety
Storage and maintenance


4L, 10L


Approximately 8-10m2 /ltr

Suggested Application

Metalwork – Suitable

Masonry – Highly Recommended
Metalwork – Highly Recommended

Apply with:
Synthetic brush, Roller, Spray

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