Made with concentrated titanium pigment, Porter’s Ceiling Flat provides ultimate hiding power and its flat finish helps to cover surface imperfections for that perfectly even finish, and the ultra white colour maximises light just where it is needed.

Porter’s Ceiling Flat is a quick drying acrylic paint designed for interior ceilings. As ceilings are “low traffic” areas, it is common for paint companies to use the cheapest, lowest performing paint resins, but Porter’s Ceiling Flat is formulated for a high performance finish that lasts.

Porter’s Ceiling Flat is easy to use – it has a low odour, low spatter formulation that glides on easily, its creamy consistency making application easy.

Porter’s Ceiling Flat is super bright white in colour, creating a clean, spacious feel and maximizing light. Dries to a flat finish.


Additional information

Product Specifications & Safety

For more detailed information about this product, please consult the main Porter's Paints website.

Our Product Specifications include:

Environmental information
Suitable locations and suggested use
Preparation, application and coverage rates
Warranty and safety
Storage and maintenance


4L, 10L, 15L

Features & Benefits

Water based
Low odour
Low spatter
Ultimate hiding power
Bright white for maximising light
Flat finish


Approximately 12m2 /ltr

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