Porter’s Paints: Instant Rust Clear Sealer

Porter’s Paints: Instant Rust Clear Sealer

Hi everyone, today I’m writing about Porter’s Instant Rust Clear Sealer.

Porter's Instant Rust Clear Sealer

I’ve just done a panel with the Liquid Iron and Instant Rust. I’ve gotten to the point where it looks really awesome. However, these panels are going outside, and if it rains on them, the rust will runoff and stain whatever’s beneath it.

To fix this, I’m going to wash it down and remove any residue that’s on the surface. I let it dry and brush on two coats of the Instant Rust Clear Sealer, this will seal it all in. It will stop it from running and it will still look absolutely fantastic.

Porter’s Instant Rust Clear Sealer is designed for use when protection, sealing or isolation is required on interior or exterior surfaces that have been finished with Porter’s Liquid Iron and Instant Rust.

Please visit Our Shop Section for detailed specifications on this quick drying, ultra low sheen finish.